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The Fundraiser is Coming!

It’s coming together! The first annual Damon’s Dance fundraiser is coming together. I received an email from 3G Minihorses day before yesterday telling me that they would love to attend. I had to text several friends and write a facebook post I was so excited. Who doesn’t love minihorses? Along with the bouncy house, tractors, carnival games, popcorn and general silliness we hope to pervade the event I think our beautiful, amazing attendees will have some very precious fun with their families.

I’m not gonna lie parents, we’ve planned the carnival with your kiddos in mind… but you can pet the minihorses too 😉

So many of you have asked how you can help. I will tell you this, when you ask, you help. I’m not saying ‘oh, no, we’re good, stop there’ I’m just saying, we feel the love. We need to feel the love, so desperately. This month is rough.

How can you help? (in no particular order)

1)      Come to the event with every kid you can round up, have a blast, bid on lots of stuff

2)      Pester (I mean politely ask) business owners if they might donate to the silent auction

3)      Donate to Damon’s Dance directly here

4)      Learn about, support and prayerfully consider adoption

Not an exhaustive list but its certainly a place to start. Thank you Thank you Thank you!



This entry was posted on July 30, 2012.

The first post…

This is our first Damon’s Dance blog post. I told myself that I would save my over-emotionality for my personal blog but… this is the first post. This is the first post on the website created in honor of my baby, that I miss so much.

This is bitter-sweet for us, to see it all come together. We’re so excited. We’re excited that Damon’s Dance has its very own internet presence. We’re over the moon that soon we will be able to help families bring their own babies home but we are painfully aware of the impetus for this action. Our baby has gone home.

I will try desperately to keep it informative and minimize the tears here but as you can see, that’s not exactly my nature.

Looking forward to telling ya’ll about our Damon’s Dance babies and walking this road with you for years to come!



This entry was posted on July 22, 2012.