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Success is an understatement

Yesterday’s fund raiser was incredible, simply incredible.

We raised over five thousand dollars! The number keeps growing as more checks roll in.

In the very near future our application will be up and Will and I along with our  beloved board will be pouring over the lives and stories of people working to bring their children home. This is what it is all for.

Our friends worked so very hard for weeks to pull this together. They approached businesses, hauled tables, wrote bid sheets, tied bows, made signs and roughly a million other things and then said ‘ok, what else can I do to help?’ Our silent auction and event donors were amazingly generous as were the people who came to play games, pet mini horses and a trained police K9, crawl through fire trucks, bounce in a  moon bounce, get their faces painted and bid bid bid!

I am honored by the generosity and goodness I have witnessed leading up to and in this event. I was so impressed with the kind hearts I encountered in our firefighters and the sheriff’s deputy who came in full uniform and sweat in the heat to teach the kids and help them have fun. Good, kind people sat in corrals and arena’s with their animals patiently explaining to each child about their furry friends and exclaimed ‘make sure you invite us next year!’ after a day of work in the heat. They’re ready to do it all over again. Wow!

I asked my six year old “what was your favorite part?” “EVERYTHING!” he responded.

In the words of my man “Today was good.” Good is not a word we use lightly these days. This was good.


This entry was posted on August 26, 2012.