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Recently I had the privilege of interviewing two more families for Damon’s Dance grants. I wish you could all be there. I wish you could sit in the room with us and listen to their stories. I wish you could get the email updates when approvals come through and new pictures arrive. We got a new picture just Monday of a beautiful little girl. Her parents are hoping and praying she can come home by the end of the year. We get to help bring her home.

How can I possibly communicate how just plain awesome it is to get to give them money? How just plain awesome it is to see pictures of their babies? How just plain awesome it is that people give and give generously to help these families? It. Is. Awesome.

Four families have been awarded grants to help defer the cost of bringing their children home, children from three different countries so far.

This is good.

This entry was posted on July 3, 2013.