From the founders


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Adoptive families,

It is our goal to help you along this journey. It is our hope that one day we will have a wall full of pictures of families that we got to help unite!

You came to our hearts in the blackest, sickest, most devastating hours of our lives. March 27, 2012 our beautiful, curly headed, blue eyed baby was taken from us. We never imagined there existed such pain. In the blinding hurricane of agony that were the days between Damon’s death and his funeral we were asked a seemingly simple question “where do you want people to send flowers?” My heart rebelled. “No!” I exclaimed “No. I don’t want flowers. I want to help, someone, somehow. I want to help.” Will immediately agreed with one word “adoption.”

So, instead of flowers our beloved friends and family wrote checks, for you, for us, for Damon.

Damon loves to dance. I say “loves” because although he is not here I know he still loves to dance. Before his death we often joked that his mantra was “Dance like everyone is watching.” He loves an audience.

Since those horrifying days in March his life song has taken new meaning in our lives. We are determined to carry on “Damon’s Dance,” to dance like everyone is watching. Maybe someday our mourning will turn to dancing. Today such a thing seems unfathomable but you and your precious life, your precious child are part of that process.

I cannot tell you how much our hearts ache to see your child in your arms.

Will and Jodie