How to Donate

What exactly is Damon’s Dance and how do I donate?

Damon’s Dance is a fiscal sponsorship fund managed by Communities Foundation of Oklahoma (CFO). CFO allows us to be a 501(c)3 organization by managing our finances. To establish our own 501(c)3 would be prohibitively expensive, sapping all the money we raise just to establish our fund. We do pay a yearly fee to be managed by CFO but that fee is covered by us personally. Therefore, every penny donated to Damon’s Dance will go to a family who is actively involved in the adoption process.

CFO makes it incredibly easy to donate. Go to the CFOK Donations Page. Choose Damon’s Dance Fund from the drop down menu; you can donate using your credit or debit card. Checks can also be mailed to CFO at:

Communities Foundation of Oklahoma
Bradley Square, Suite D
2932 N.W. 122nd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73120-1955

Checks should be made payable to Communities Foundation of Oklahoma / Damon’s Dance.